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Was brought about because we feel that players need a place to practice where creativity and risk taking are encouraged over winning. We have long realized that the team game has been overriding individual development at the cost of the players and in turn creates players that are one dimensional and unwilling to play the beautiful game due to fear of failure. We look to unlock that fear and create players who are not afraid to make mistakes and think outside the box.

Mission Statement - Our focus is on the development of fundamental soccer skills upon which all-remaining elements of the game rest. We work with players of all ages and ability levels asking only one thing from them all and that is to practice!!

Coaching Philosophy- eSoccer Skills Academy coaching philosophy is centered on a non-dictative method of coaching, where players learn, develop and understand the game by using their own creativity. eSoccer Skills acadmey embraces this method as it gives individual ownership to the player. From our experience, when you give a player ownership of a thought, idea or practical execution of a skill, they are more motivated to carry it through to the end. Thus by guiding their creativity, players can be coerced into making logical decisions. Allowing them to remain calmer and at an optimal state to work their way out of trouble.

As opposed to merely issuing a series of instructions or corrective measures, this non-dictative method is achieved by asking a series of leading questions. This way, players will arrive at the correct solution via their own reasoning. In addition, drills where players have to use their own observation and knowledge to understand outcomes are preferred to rigid line drills. The aim is to have the player recognize faults within their own game and the surrounding aspects of the game. Where ever possible, relating the drill to real game situations to present real challenges. When credit is given to successful execution of these simulated drills, it can bring about increased confidence during real games.

eSoccer Skills Academy coaches will achieve the desired "Creative Coaching Style" by asking the correct questions and observing when to advance or simplify the drills for better understanding. Creativity involves coming up with many possible solutions to a single problem. Creative performers can be spotted by their actions and thoughts.